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Mělník město vína 2006
6. prestižní regionální přehlídka vín
Regionální muzeum Mělník 1.4.2006

Mělník město vína - WINEFEST 2006 (Mělník town of wine - WINEFEST 2006) is a prestigious regional wine exhibition of Czech viticultural region. This exhibition is associated with exhibitions of sparkling, rosé and naturally sweet wines from the whole Czech Republic. When is the number of samples sufficient, also an exhibition of meads will take place.

The sixth year of WINEFEST, which will be held on 1st April 2006 in the Regional museum of Mělník in support of the town Mělník, will be registered at Association of vine-growers of Czech Republic as a nomination exhibiton into the wine salon of the Czech Republic and also as an accredited exhibiton at Ministry of agriculture of the Czech Republic.

Also this 6th year continues in an effort to establish the tradition in the town, which is from time out of mind centre of czech viniculture. Grape-vine is being grown here already since the days of Boleslav II., or more precisely his wife Emma. In 1652 established Mělník´s vine-growers "Pořádek neboli cech vinařů" (vine-growers guild), which adhered to prague guild´s regulations. In 1885 was based here a specialized vinicultural school, first of this kind in Bohemia. Mělník´s viniculture was significantly improved under rule of Karel IV. Since 1911 wine festival take place here. This festival thought out Lobkowicz family as an action to support progress of viniculture in the neighbourhood of Mělník.


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